Special Education Advocates in Edison, NJ

We are your reliable special education advocates in Edison, NJ. We assist you in maneuvering around the landscape of special education.

We have all walked in your shoes. We understand what you are going through and know that you cannot do it alone.

Our Services


  • Represent your child’s welfare in the educational process by advocating for the services he or she needs
  • Attend IEP with you, by your side, so you don’t have to face an entire Child Study Team, alone
  • Review your child’s IEP with you and help you understand it, so you can determine whether it provides the level of assistance your child needs in order for it to be an effective roadmap to your child’s accomplishments
  • Help you understand your child’s educational needs and the way his or her disability affects his/her social, emotional and educational welfare
  • Observe your child in the classroom to give you a set of yes on his or her learning environment and make program recommendations, if needed
  • Assist you in understanding your child’s Behavior Plan if one is implemented in the classroom. We translate ABA language to a language you can understand
  • Stay current with the Special Education regulations, state and federal laws that prevail in the state of New Jersey
  • Go through the evaluations the district does every 3 years (psychological, O.T., educational, speech, and language, etc.) and help you understand what they mean and how they impact your child’s ability in the classroom
  • Bridge the gap between you the parent, the district, and the child study team
  • Advise you of the strength of your case if you plan to take your district to court and recommend a reputable attorney to help you with the process when/if it is the route you choose to take
  • Attend mediation or Resolution Meetings, but we do not go to due process

Special Education Advocates in Edison, NJ